DREAM4pets.org  - Rehoming 
Dedicated  Rescue  Efforts  for  Animals  in  Many counties
STEP 1:   Construct a pet BIOGRAPHY and take PICTURES
  • Description should include:  Breed, Age,  Spayed/Neutered,  Weight,  Up-to-date w/vaccinations ?
   Be honest about the reason for relinquishing your pet.  Good w/other pets?  Energy level ?  Food aggressive ?              Good with older or younger children?  Crate trained?  House-broken ?  Good on leash ?  
           Inside or Outside most of time?   THE MORE INFORMATION YOU PROVIDE, the better.
STEP 2:Share and  Post
  • Contact friends, family, coworkers w/pet BIOGRAPHY and PICTURES (post your flyer)
  • Post the pet bio and photo in the community (libraries, pet stores, etc)
  • Call Stillwater Valley to place ad with pet bio and photo473 – 2020
  • Call your local community newspaper to place an ad with pet bio and photo and your contact information
  • Send us the Re-homing form , pictures, vet records*, and Owner surrender form  This will provides details about your family pet that we can share possibly as a "courtesy posting"
           Keeping your pet up-to-date with vaccines, heartworm prevention, flea prevention, and spayed/neutered           will GREATLY INCREASE the opportunity for your family member to be rehomed.   *A Rehoming fee is
          requested IF your pet is not up-to-date with vaccines, heartworm testing, and spayed or neutered. 
  • Contact local HUMANE Societies (Dayton and surrounding areas) 
     SICSA = Society for Improved Conditions of Stray Animals
      GDHS = Greater Dayton Humane Society
      Darke County Humane Society
  • Contact a rescue groups that works with your breed  
          Go to Petfinder.com and search by Breed, contact these rescue groups  (animal welfare group) for help

Additional tips and suggestions here !
Re-homing  (surrendering) a pet to a county shelter means 
the pet may live only a few days; it depends upon the health and age of the pet, and the space availability.   Life in a shelter .......  no matter how long or short the stay - is a very stressful environment for your pet; consequently, your family pet can become ill or die if his / her vaccines are not up to date, and can show signs of aggression - due to the his/her anxiety and fear.  Many county shelters are already full due to puppy mills and backyard breeders.  County shelters are NOT long term care facilities and many rescue groups in OHIO are already full.
These TIPS  are provided to help your family pet find a new suitable home.   The more information YOU provide, the easier  and quicker your pet can be placed into a new home. 
Questions ?   Email us at [email protected]
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