FOSTER Application 
City, St. Zip
Home phone

How many ADULTS in the home ?
 Cell phone
How many CHILDREN in the home ?  Please list ages as well. 
IF other PETS in your home,  Please list their sex,age, if spayed  or neutered, and how you acquired them.
If NO PETS in your home, please list any experience you have with pets or pets you have had in the pets.
Please list the name and phone# of your  curent veterinarian (or one you have used in the past).
Veterinarian's Name
Veterinarian's Phone
Veterinarian's Address
What kind of DOG you would like to FOSTER ?
How do you plan to exercise your FOSTER ?  (walk on leash, play in yard, kennel run, or ....
How many hours a day will your foster spend alone ?
Where do you intend to keep your foster during the day?
Where will your foster  stay when you are not home?
Have you ever used a crate for a  dog ?
Have you ever completed a dog training class ? 
If yes, please tell us what year and a location.
What circumstance would cause you to "give up or return" your foster  ?
HOME VISIT is required before adoptions are approved, are you willing to have a home visit ?
Do you OWN or RENT  your home ?  How long have you lived at this residence ?
If you RENT, please provide your landlord's name and phone #
Landlord's Name
Landlord's  Phone
Do you have a FENCED YARD ?  If YES, please note the type of fence  (chain link, privacy, farm fence, or.... 
Please provide 2 references (not related) who have personal knowledge of your experience with animals. 
How does this person know you ?
How does this person know you ?
Your signature
I certify the information I have provided is true, and I realize that any misrepresentation of facts may result in my losing the privilege of FOSTERING
 a pet.  I understand you have the right to deny my request to foster an animal for any situation if not in the best interest of the animal.  I authorize investigation 
of all statements in this application, and also authorize my vet 
to release any information requested by you. 
FOSTER Application 
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